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Final Assignment

  Write one final blog post to sum up your class experience for this semester. Use the questions below as a starting point. Be thorough and write   at least 5 or more paragraphs. When I first started this class at the beginning of the semester, I thought of social media much differently than I do now. Since my mom had been running her own start up company for women's athletic apparel, i knew that social media was a huge part of a brand. It allowed for companies to reach a much wider clientele in a shorter period of time than ever before. Social media has helped many companies become very successful just because of the way they advertise themselves online. It has always been apparent to me, that in order for your small business to really blow up, you must use social media. However, i never really understood how complicated it would be. I thought it was as simple as posting a photo/video adding a couple hashtags and calling it a day.  I was very wrong, i now know that there is a lot

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