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My Brand Development

My business is very untraditional, in fact I wouldn't even call it a business. I would say I am selling my services to people. I am a yoga instructor and intuitive healer. I have taken a while to create a website for myself, however, I do not have a logo yet. I am working with my friends dad to create one though. I am also currently working on a business card to pass out to different stores and yoga studios. When I first started to create my brand, I did a lot of research to find my taste. I looked at different healers websites different yoga teachers websites and I came to a conclusion about what I liked. However, I have re organized and changed parts of y websites all the time because I feel like I can always be improving it. I found that people in my industry use link tree, while this is simple and easy I do not feel like it is the most professional thing to do. I also looked at different healers websites and they are all out of date and look very unprofessional. So, when I we…

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